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caserío leandro

Caserío Leandro” is located in the town of Macher, in the municipality of Tías. It is a place away from large buildings, quiet, silent, in which the majority of its inhabitants are simple people from the countryside, who are characterized by their kindness and friendliness. Located next to a road that communicates with the town.

Caserío Leandro has remained in our family for several generations since 1890, the result of the rehabilitation of the corrals and the main house, designed in detail so that you spend an unforgettable stay. Every corner of the houses hides its secret and its history. During the restoration process we have maintained the traditional architecture of each of them as much as possible. The houses are built with boulder and stone blocks, some can be seen inside them. They have high ceilings acting as temperature regulators, being cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Caserío consists of 4 houses in which the capacity of each of them is detailed below:

– Caserío Leandro I: suitable for a capacity of 6 guests
– Caserío Leandro II: suitable for a capacity of 8 guests
– Caserío Leandro III: suitable for a capacity of 4 guests.
– Caserío Leandro IV: suitable for a capacity of 2 guests

Being a total capacity between both houses of 20 people.

A spectacular Caserío just 15 minutes from the airport and a few minutes from the fabulous beach. 500m from the supermarket and 1.5 km from the tourist area of Puerto del Carmen with bars, shops and restaurants. Its location makes it very special because you can access any point on the island in a few minutes. 

Before the Restoration

Caserío Leandro in 1890.


Carretera Puerto del Carmen Macher nº30 


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