Booking conditions

Booking conditions

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The system

Caserío Leandro's online reservation system allows reservations to be made in real time, at any time of the year, in accordance with the conditions detailed below. In the case of payment of the reservation by credit card, it is essential that you provide the card number and expiration date, if requested, your security code to confirm and guarantee your reservations, along with a telephone number of contact and an email address so you can receive information about the status of reservations. All rates and promotions are subject to their own conditions of sale, as published.


Para confirmar la reserva, se requiere el importe total establecido en la pagina web, el 30% del valor total no será reembolsable  como una provisión para el costo de los preparativos y arreglos realizados antes de la llegada a la propiedad y sus instalaciones individuales. Solo se puede reservar una casa por transacción. Las casas se reservarán para un mínimo de 1 ocupante y un máximo de 20, como regla general. Los bebés menores de 2 años no implican ningún suplemento adicional.

  • The minimum stay is 4 nights. In high season (Easter, Summer, Christmas) the minimum stay is 5 nights
  • The minimum stay is 7 nights for the total number of houses in Caserío Leandro. 

Confirmation of reservations

The system will provide the data of the reservation made, along with a "locator" number, which must be used for any other operation or communication.

The reservation confirmation, provided by the system, will be subject to the validation of the data related to the credit card. Consequently, if there are errors in the credit card provided, the reservation will be cancelled.

Availability is only guaranteed for reservations made through an immediate payment system (eg, online credit/debit card).

The company reserves the right to correct the content of a reservation if an error or manifest error is evidenced (Eg: that in the confirmation to the client a concept appears that the client has not selected or paid).

modification, cancellation of reservations and no show

Es posible realizar modificaciones sobre una reserva ya confirmada en las fechas de llegada y salida,  siempre y cuando exista disponibilidad para las nuevas condiciones de la reserva. Para cambios de fecha se procederá a no reembolsar el importe entregado y verse modificado el precio final de la reserva, pudiendo fluctuar el precio según la temporada del año.

It will also be understood as a modification the reduction or increase in the number of houses or number of people or nights or the change of name of the client and the modification of the dates of the trip. Consult with us the new conditions and supplements of your reservation. Some rates are directly related to the number of nights reserved, so any change may increase the daily price of the rest of the nights. It is advisable to consult Caserío Leandro.

Toda modificación deberá ser comunicada por e-mail a con un mínimo de 20 días de antelación a la fecha de entrada, para el reembolso del 70% del importe entregado. En caso de avisar con menos tiempo de antelación, ya no se reembolsara lo anteriormente mencionado. 


Carrying out any operation implies full acceptance of these general conditions.

 Our refund and return policy has a validity of up to 20 days before the date of entry into the property. If more than 20 days from your date of entry into the accommodation, we cannot offer you a partial refund or exchange.

These conditions are of general application, except in those promotions in which other cancellation, modification or reimbursement conditions other than the previous ones are expressly detailed in a particular way.

Once the Check-in is done, it will be required to provide a credit/debit card as a guarantee.

To carry out any operation, a minimum age of 18 years is required.

Caserío Leandro reserves the right to demand the corresponding responsibilities for the improper use of this system or the breach of the rules contained in these general conditions.

The user will be solely responsible in the event that the use of the service is made in a defective, partial or erroneous manner, or in the event that someone operates in his name or on his account, using the procedures and his access code.


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