Discover Lanzarote

Discover Lanzarote


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Lanzarote offers tourist centers where you can discover the essence of the island, where you can see with your own eyes what makes it unique and different. Experience the liberating feeling of paragliding as you glide above the island, taking in the beauty of Lanzarote, or get your adrenaline pumping with surfing and windsurfing.

True adventures

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Sports know no age, gender, race, or even place! We take sports very seriously. The pristine white sand of Lanzarote is perfect for all kinds of recreational activities. Have fun racing your family and friends under the sun!

Food & wine

Our exclusive food and wine tours connect you with the most coveted places in the region for a true experience of flavors and experiences. Our tastings come alive with the curious stories and culture that have supported them for centuries.


Carretera Puerto del Carrmen Macher nº30

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